Cookies aren’t so bad.

I use cookies on this website to help me track the site’s performance, how many people are visiting it and how are they able to find it. I don’t store or use any personal information.

For more information on cookies, and how to disable them in your browser, should you feel your privacy is threatened, please visit

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics stores a number of cookies on your computer and uses that information to let me see which search terms you’ve used to find me, approximately where you are in the world, whether you’re returning to my site or if this is your first time visiting, and which pages you view and for how long.

I don’t share this information with anyone, nor do I use it to serve you unwanted advertisements. I’m strictly ad-free!

I simply use this information to help me track the performance of my website, and to help identify areas where it could be improved to give you, my valued visitor, a better overall experience.

3rd Party Cookies

I also may use a number of social widgets to link my site to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You’ll see these represented in parts of the site as “Like” buttons, or “Share” buttons.

I have little control over these cookies and what the sites do with that information, but they will only share your information with the social network to which you’re already a member, as you need to be logged in to use these widgets. As you’re most likely familiar with the operation of a Like button, for example, and to use it you must be an active member of Facebook, I will assume that you’re happy with how this functionality works, and are accepting of the fact that Facebook may be tracking your activity outwith my control when you use such a device on my site.

You can find more information on how these services use their cookies here: