CPD – Training for Adults

Stories are powerful tools, and they need skilful handling. I can teach you how to tell your stories well.

Through training, you will learn how stories can strengthen your message;  your presentation skills will be improved and you will be able to reach out more effectively to others, whether they be children, patients, colleagues or  clients!

If you are using stories as a means to help people in your care, whether in a classroom, care home, prison or hospital, your confidence in your own style and skill will grow and you will learn how to enthuse others to tell their own stories.

If you are using stories to promote a business or cause, your  confidence in public speaking will grow and your message will be remembered.

My course participants come from all walks of life: tourism, conservation, education, health and social care, public relations, community development and the world of business and finance.

In a typical course you will learn:

  • How to rid yourself of “stage fright”
  • How to  choose the right stories to tell
  • How to make a story your own and find your unique voice and style
  • How to enthuse and enable others to tell stories
  • How to use pace, sound and movement to enhance your tales
  • How to create purpose specific stories
  • How to use humour to enhance your message

Each participant learns how to develop their confidence and style through individual and group exercises; develop their understanding of the importance of story through discussion;  perform stories themselves; and give and receive constructive feedback.

Recent feedback

Communications in Finance Conference – Edinburgh

“Professional storyteller Fiona Herbert knows the secret of telling authentic, relatable and believable brand yarns: humour. Her keynote speech “Humour Makes us Human”, also now published in Poppy Finance Magazine, gave  a valuable insight into improving our own communication both within our organisations and in marketing to our customers.” – Fraser Allan, White Light Media.

Storytelling With Green Initiatives – National Trust

“Fiona was fantastic. A hugely engaging, inspirational storyteller.” Course participant

“Excellent – she made us feel very welcome and we weren’t afraid to make fools of ourselves – thankyou!” Course participant

“Friendly, interactive, brilliant at storytelling and making ideas grow.” Course participant

“Very professional – clearly very experienced.” Course participant


Starting With Stories 2 – Scottish Storytelling Centre

“The course was excellent. I gained a lot of ideas and boosted my confidence.” Cat, Edinburgh.

“Well explained, fun, Fiona is an excellent storyteller with lots of helpful advice”. Marianne, Edinburgh.

“Fiona was an excellent facilitator, she gave lots of praise and encouragement. More courses like this please!” Cathy, Edinburgh.


One to One Tuition

I also offer storytelling coaching for beginner storytellers and anyone who feels they would benefit from using story in their work, or purely for enjoyment and entertainment.