Storytelling for Children

Storytelling in Schools

The Curriculum for Excellence encourages activities that promote confident, happy and ambitious children. Storytelling is invaluable in building resilience and promoting positive emotional health and wellbeing. I have performed extensively in schools around Edinburgh and Midlothian, and previous to becoming a storyteller I was a Primary School teacher for fifteen years.

I can come to your school and tell stories just for fun, or tie them in with specific topics, festivals and other occasions. I can also devise a programme involving Emotional Literacy and Building Resilience. Stories can be an effective way to explore issues such as bullying, peer pressure and conflict resolution.

Enabling children to create and tell their own stories has been proven to have enormous benefits for their self esteem. Listening to and telling stories has also been proven to improve the learning ability of all children. I have run workshops for children in creative writing and storytelling skills. In 2012 I was commissioned by Edinburgh International Festival’s Education Department to run workshops in collaboration with a visual artist, helping children create their own stories and artworks.

My 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Show “Eejits and Hissy Fits” was very well received (You can read a  juniour review from The List here:  The List Review

This show is available to tour.

Eejits and Hissy Fits

A children’s show. Three adventures, based on a Celtic legend, a Scottish Folk Tales, and a questionable fairytale that I’ve turned on its head…All involve stupidity and stroppiness in glorious measures! This show lasts just under an hour and can now be booked for children’s events.

Here is the Youtube link to the trailer:

As I am listed as a storyteller on The Scottish Book Trust, your school can save money on my booking  by applying for Live Literature Funding. See The Scottish Book Trust for details.


Storytelling Around Edinburgh

I have told numerous stories for children and families at the Storytelling Centre, Holyrood Palace, Museum of Edinburgh, People’s Story and other outdoor locations throughout Scotland. Additionally, I am one of the regular storytellers at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. I have also led story tours of Edinburgh to teenage students visiting from overseas, and led storytelling workshops for the English Language School.