Editorial Services


I am an Intermediate Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), formerly the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). This is a non-profit body promoting excellence in English language editing and is recognised by the publishing industry as a leader in its field. I also have an MA in English Literature (Glasgow University) and a Distinction in Creative Writing (Open University single module).

Having passed all three of the CIEP’s thorough courses in proofreading, I can now offer my services to ensure that your writing is free from errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. I also check for consistency in style and formatting. I am happy to work on stories, essays, articles and novels, helping you to produce a polished piece of work fit for publication. As a professional storyteller who has extensive writing experience, I also offer copy editing and line editing.

For a free quote, please email  the following information to fionaherbertuk@yahoo.co.uk

Your word count

Your deadline

A sample of your work (max 1000 words, from the middle of your document),  this will determine the amount of intervention you need to make your work flawless, which will decide the fee.

Prices given are per 2000 words. I charge from £20 to £25 for proofreading , £22 to £27 for copy editing, and £25 to £35 for line editing.

What’s the difference between proofreading, copy editing and line editing? A proofread is the last check before your document is published; it is to pick up any flaws that have gone unnoticed at final draft stage. A copy edit checks for errors but also for any inconsistencies (for example in character description, setting, and plot points). A line edit is to improve the  flow and clarity of your work while maintaining your writing style. This is done by suggesting improvements to sentence structure and word choice. It is also known as stylistic editing.




 “I found it was quite a struggle to find a decent proofreader. As a novelist, and a character writer, I have some very exacting requirements. Having been a writer now for over twenty years, I knew exactly what I required from a proofreader. Every proofreader I contacted before Fiona tried to sell me services I did not require. Fiona however is not only one of the nicest people I contacted, but she was also the most honest. She knew exactly what it was I required and only offered those services that mirrored exactly my own requirements. So I took a chance on her and was not only surprised by her accuracy but also by the speed she was able to turn around two of my novels. Not only am I delighted by the quality of her work, but so are my readers, and that speaks volumes to me. Thank you Fiona. I hope this relationship lasts for a long time.”

J W Murison

“Your attention to detail is remarkable. I’m blown away by it…and all the changes you’ve made definitely help with the flow” –Martin Sorowka, researcher, University of Seville.

“I was delighted to have Fiona’s expert help in proofreading our magazine [The Geographer COP26 Special Edition]. She did a wonderful job, reading the many articles quickly and carefully, and marking up edits and suggestions clearly.” –Susan Watt, Development Manager, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

“I engaged Fiona Herbert to proofread my novel ‘The Orkney Cycle: The Shattering Sea’. I am absolutely delighted with her work. She completed the project very speedily and included, along with the text, instructions on how best to work through it. What really impressed me about the proofreading itself was how Fiona struck a balance between giving instruction where it was needed and giving guidance and suggestions elsewhere. It was clear to me that she had a clear picture of my voice and style and didn’t wish to interfere with them. Yet she picked up many, many grammatical errors, as well as typos that I thought couldn’t possibly exist after I had read through the text myself so many times. She also picked up some errors in the logistics of scenes that I never would have spotted. As well as commenting on the text, she picked up errors in my map and illustrations. I couldn’t be happier with Fiona’s work and will be recommending her to my colleagues and students.” –Daniel Allison, USA Today bestselling author, House of Legends.